Dog grooming

At Nose 2 Tail Dog Care we offer a full dog grooming service. Whether you require a full body clip, a tidy up, a groom out or a bath we can assist.

Your dog will only need to stay in our salon for the time it takes us to groom them, no more leaving them at the salon all day! However, should you need them to stay a little longer for any reason, please discuss this with us at the time of booking as we can normally accommodate these requests.

Price is dependent on the size and condition of your pet which may affect the time it will take to complete. Due to the differing size & coat types of most dogs, we are able to give you an estimate of cost over the phone, however a quote will be given to you once we have seen your dog.

PLEASE NOTE: Prices are a guide only; quotes will be given once we have seen your dog. Any dogs presented with knots, matting, fleas, are excessively dirty or take longer to groom due to behaviours will incur a higher fee.

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