Dog Baths

Bathing your dog is a very important part of maintaining their skin and coat. Whether your dog has a short or a long coat, a regular bath every 1-4 weeks will help to maintain a healthy, clean coat in the best condition possible.

Regular baths with us are a great way to enjoy a clean, knot free pup without needing to put in all the effort at home. We only use products that are all natural, paraben & sulphate free.

Short coat dogs benefit from regular baths as they help to keep their skin clean and that “dirty dog” smell at bay. Dogs with longer coats require regular baths and blow dry to ensure knots are removed and avoid the coat becoming matted.This is a great option for in between grooms, particularly through the cooler months when you may choose to keep the coat longer. An appointment is required, however we can often accommodate walk ins.

our hydrobath service includes:

a wash with all natural shampoo, condition if necessary, cleaning ears, cutting nails, full blow dry& brushing through the coat.

Short Hair Long Hair
Small Dogs $25 $30 +
Medium Dogs $30 $40+
Large Dogs                                                                     $35 $50+
X Large Dogs $40 $60+


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