Dog Groom Outs

Does your dog shed all over the place? Well we have a solution for you! No need to shave the coat off, we can help reduce the shedding and you can keep your dog’s coat in top condition.

A groom out is suitable for dogs with a thicker coat, an undercoat or who shed regularly. This service does not include any clipping however feet and feathering are tidied up where necessary.

We suggest that double coated dogs should retain their coats and have the groom out service as an alternative to clipping.

Our groom out service includes:

a wash with all natural shampoo, condition if necessary, cleaning ears, cutting nails, full blow dry, brushing through the coat removing undercoat & loose fur, tidying feet and feathering where appropriate.

Can reduce shedding by up to 80%!

Small Dogs $70+
Medium Dogs $80+
Large Dogs $120+

We are strongly opposed to animal cruelty, therefore we do not de-matt in cases where the knots in the coat are so bad that it would cause pain and suffering, possible risk of injury or undue distress to the dog.

PLEASE NOTE: Prices are a guide only; quotes will be given once we have seen your dog. Any dogs presented with knots, matting, fleas, are excessively dirty or take longer to groom due to behaviours will incur a higher fee.

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