nutritional advice

Our passion is to help people care for their pets in the best way possible.

Our goal is to give you information & resources so that you can make an informed decision about the care of your pets.

A good quality diet is at the foundation of your pets health. Feeding a diet that is not what their digestive systems are designed to eat can cause all sorts of issues.

We believe a well-designed diet of raw food can provide all the available nutrients necessary for perfect health. The easy part is that because it has not been cooked or processed, a raw diet supplies all the nutrients in an easy to digest and absorb form.

  • Benefits of a healthy diet
  • a healthier dog or cat
  • a longer life for your dog or cat
  • less to clean up in the backyard
  • cheaper vet bills
  • less fleas and parasites
  • digestion time
  • increased hydration
  • reduced odour
  • less skin issues
  • fewer anal gland problems
  • less ear infections
  • reduce weight
  • bloat management
  • oral care is easier
  • better behaviour

Dogs and cats on an appropriate raw food diet show a marked decrease in Cancer, Diabetes and auto immune related diseases. Not to mention the almost immediate benefits such as a fuller, shinier coat, fresher breath, stronger teeth, more energy and a more even temperament.

So what is a raw diet?

A raw diet is a small mixture of easy to digest vegetablematter&grains, organ meat and a large amount of muscle meat and bone. Meat on its own is NOT the answer and can lead to major nutritional deficiencies.

Many people feel that feeding a raw diet can be too costly, time consuming and hard work. This is not the case and we would love the opportunity to discuss the best diet for your dog or cat. Come in and see us for more information and details on how you can change your pets life for the better by giving them the best diet for them!

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